We're the band for YOU!

More fun than a Disk Jockey!

  • We are eager to help you and your family and friends have a great event.
  • We are all mature, seasoned professionals. We are not there to be stars.
  • We are there to make it easy for you and your family & friends to relax and have a good time.

Size and volume that are appropriate...

  • We fit easily on almost any stage, with a sound system sized right for the room.
  • We provide plenty of energy, but we won't "take over" by being way too loud.

We'll "break the ice"...

  • We encourage requests, and we are skilled enough to play them well,
  • (sometimes even when we don't know the tune exactly!).
  • We like to keep everybody involved and having FUN.

Lots of experience and skill...

  • We've been together since 1992. Some of us have been playing since 1970.
  • We've been doing this a long time, so we know what works best.
  • We've played upscale hotels, country clubs, riverboats, church basements, union halls, VFW's, American Legions, garage roof patios & backyards.

Reasonably priced...

  • We generally get $1200-1500 for the dance, depending on complexity and formality. That would include 3 hours of music with a couple breaks, and we would have an iPod to play mood music during dinner. Sometimes we play longer. Sometimes we disccount for a variety of reasons. We try to stay within about 100 miles of the Minneapolis St Paul metro area.
  • Live music during dinner would add about $250.
  • Live music for the ceremony would add another $400, including a local rehearsal the night before.
Lots of satisfied customers...
"We had the Percolators play for both my sons' wedding dances. I hope the band is still around when my daughter grows up!"
--Mike Frankenberg, father of 2 grooms
"We wanted everything perfect. Thanks for the good music! The Percolators were a great part of a magic night we will remember."
--Jayne Kolstad, bride
"I've recommended the Percolators to several people. I've gotten only good reports. And the guys are so nice!"
--Maureen Olson, American Legion Manager

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